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Elite Canine Expedition Set

Elite Canine Expedition Set

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Unleash your furry companion's sophistication and strength with the Ultimate Paws Elite Canine Expedition Set. Let your four-legged hero command attention with this exquisite Military Tactical Dog Harness and Leash set. Crafted from premium nylon, this harness features a sleek design with a built-in pouch and a dynamic bungee leash for all their outdoor excursions. Perfect for training sessions, leisurely walks, or adventurous hikes, this harness ensures your pup is always ready for action. With dual handles for enhanced control, available in timeless Black or Khaki, this set is tailored for medium to extra large breeds like the dignified German Shepherd. It's time for your loyal friend to embrace the great outdoors in unmatched style and comfort.

- Material: Premium Nylon
- Harness Style: Military Tactical
- Colour Options: Black or Khaki
- Suitable for: Medium to Extra Large Dogs

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