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"The Blue" Designer Dog Collar Set (no.1m)

"The Blue" Designer Dog Collar Set (no.1m)

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This pattern is crafted using durable designer hand-made dog collars, offering stylish practicality for the dog-owning nomad. Designed for medium-sized breeds, the collar's width and metal hardware measures 20 mm. For larger dogs, the pattern can be modified, but please note that the larger size also increases its strength. Some clients prefer a thinner collar that serves only as an accessory to display dog tags.


 Finnigan's offers a wide array of distinctive, high-quality handmade Dog Collars and Leads which are sturdily constructed for daily use. Our fabrics are beautifully made and outshine common collars. Customizable with a resilient webbing core and hardware, these collars would be an eye-catching addition to your pet's wardrobe. Each collar is crafted using 100% cotton with an added interfacing layer for extra durability, and all come furnished with reliable aluminum hardware.



Demonstrate your pet's unique flair with a personalized engraved collar buckle! This aluminum buckle is lightweight yet robust, and features precise laser engraving for a legible finish.

Size Chart

Note: Please measure your pet before placing your order, to ensure you ordering the correct size.

Dog Neck Sizes:

Small: Neck Size 10.5-16.5” (26-42cm)

Medium: Neck Size 12.5-19.5” (31-50cm)

Large: Neck Size 15-23.5” (38-60cm)




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